Knowing what you now know about entrepreneurship, money and life, would you have started your preparation earlier?

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Saturday:  28 July 2023

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We can't change the past, but we can prepare for the future!

  • Brain S.T.E.A.M Academy is on a mission to help families worldwide prepare their children for financial and professional success so they will never have to say, “if I had known ...”

You dream of raising successful children and grandchildren. Let us help you bring those dreams to reality.

How can Brain S.T.E.A.M Academy help you?


We will help you prepare your children & grandchildren for greater success by providing them tools that were often unavailable to us when starting our journey.

  • Access to Tailored Financial Courses
  • Introduction & Exploration of STEAM Career Paths
  • Introduction to the world of Entrepreneurship
  • Opportunity to partake in Q&A Video Conferences
  • Financial resources for your children's college journey
  • Access to a GROWING library of tools and resources
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the future belongs with you

Our Children

We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel socially and professionally

  • Live and Archived Interviews w/STEAM Career Professionals
  • Access to Tailored Financial/Entrepreneurial Courses
  • Opportunities to gain badges and certificates 
  • Access to Fun Puzzles, Quizzes & Worksheets
  • Participate in Exclusive Book Clubs/Online Communities
  • Access to scholarship opportunities.

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Enrichment Programs that are fun and results driven.
  • Highly Engaging Community for Student Participation
  • Unique Learning Paths
  • Flexible for Classroom or Hybrid Model
  • Assignments, Quizzes & Assessments
  • Student Matrices to Gain Insight on Progress
  • Certificates 
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Prepare today for the future you want tomorrow!

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So, what are some of the tools Brain S.T.E.A.M Academy will be using?

Gain financial literacy, social skills and other valuable life lessons

Start preparing today to secure scholarships for tomorrow.

Industry veterans sharing clues, tips and roadmaps to success.

Interact & Learn about STEAM careers & what it takes to enter.

 Interact with in house authors and be part of our engaging discussions 

Test your knowledge through regular quizzes and gain certificates & badges along the way.

Enforce valuable skills and provide the opportunity to apply knowledge learnt

This is your platform for continued discussions, learning & social interactions.


Frequently asked questions

Is parental participation required

Once your child gets familiar with navigating our school, parental participation is no longer required. Is it recommended? A big YES! It is widely accepted that active parenting provides better results and improves the chances of success if the things being taught are also practiced at home.

Can't I just find free information online?

Yes you can, BUT we all know how unorganized FREE information can be, it is often overwhelming & time consuming sorting through the web. We will save you that hassle while also providing a community for learners to support each other on their journey.

What age range is this for?

Our growing resources are structured so that an elementary aged student can comprehend but important enough that an adult can find value. We recommend elementary through High School.

Can I cancel at anytime? 

Yes you can. You will also have a 30 day RISK FREE trial to test our services, if you decide we are not the right fit, you can cancel at no cost.


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