Enrichment Programs

Choose our customizable holistic programs as an addition to your in-school and or after-school activities. Our enrichment programs are geared towards elementary through high school aged children, emphasizing on bridging the educational gap by providing a solid foundation to excel in not only S.T.E.A.M related fields, but in life.
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Benefits of our enrichment programs

It is said that games are a metaphor for life, that people generally learn better in fun, comfortable and exciting environments. Our enrichment programs are created with these in mind: FAMILY, FUN & EDUCATIONAL.

#1 Customizable

Enjoy flexibility in choosing the skills to focus on.

#2 Hybrid Models

Flexibility to combine in-person and online program.

#3 Measurable

Provide matrix to gain insight on areas that requires improvement.

DOMATICS Program Overview

Get your students ready for S.T.E.A.M but most importantly life through our 8-week customizable and measurable DOMATICS Program. Our program is geared towards Elementary through High School aged children where they will learn not only mathematics but also critical thinking and social skills such as leadership, sportsmanship, self-control, respect for self and others, teamwork and other valuable life lessons.  The program incorporates various aspects of the United States’ Common Core Standards, and provides students the opportunity to strive for goals, lead, learn and serve in a fun environment.  The program includes a competitive tournament to closeout.

Brain S.T.E.A.M Time Overview

Get your students ready for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics with Brain S.T.E.A.M Time by building the foundations of a winning attitude.  Brain S.T.E.A.M Time develops students’ confidence, strategic thinking skills, communication skills and problem-solving skills to approach situations with confidence. Students work together in a fun team environment solving puzzles and understanding how to approach and overcome obstacles from multiple perspectives.  Think of Brain S.T.E.A.M Time as bringing an escape room to your classroom.

How can our enrichment program benefit you?

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Parental Involvement

Children get to team up with parents/guardians and work together as a team towards a common goal. This enables them to build positive relationships in the process
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Mix ability groups

Different grades and age groups are able to work individually or as a team. Children are able to learn from each other, build friendships and develop leadership skills.  
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Establishing a baseline provides the opportunity to measure growth. DOMATICS program does just that, we will capture and provide data to assist you in better serving your students. 
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Programs are structured, but still makes way for an informal environment.  Students are able to show what they can do without the formal classroom  pressure.

Build self-confidence

  Students will be thought to believe in themselves and their abilities. They will understand the importance of setting and working towards goals, the importance of not giving up and how these correlates with school, work, and everyday life.

Correlation to Life

Students learn, develop and increase their mathematical skills.   Our programs also helps students identify and apply positive social skills which can be used immediately, skills that are beneficial in the classroom and all aspects of everyday life. 


Students quickly unmask in environments where they are comfortable. Games & play are the easiest ways to achieve this comfort. Our programs provide a chance for teachers to observe and identify teachable moments to encourage desired behaviors.

Friendly Competition

The idea of competition is often looked at in a negative light, but we like to nurture the positive sides of competition. The side that helps us to excel to greater heights.  The side that understands our biggest competition is from within.

What does a enrichment session look like?

Glimpse of a DOMATICS Program Session

A DOMATICS session revolves around the games DOMATICS & DOMATICS Reloaded, following a predetermined syllabus to maintain structure.  The first half of each session consist of a recap to refresh students on what was previously covered, followed by instructions on basic math and social skills concepts. Students are paired 4 to a table where they play a competitive game against each other giving them the opportunity to apply what was learnt. The first session consists of an initial timed test to get a baseline, a final test is administered towards the end of the program.  The program is closed out with a tournament where students can showcase their newly acquired skills.

Glimpse of a Brain S.T.E.A.M Time Session

A Brain S.T.E.A.M Time session has a maximum of 24 students (bigger groups can be accommodated) with sessions running up to 60 minutes. Students are broken out into 4 to 6 person groups providing students the opportunity to work in a fun, competitive, team environment.  Some activities will require students on their feet while other activities will have students sitting at tables and or mats. All activities will be fun, requiring team interaction, heightened levels of communication, planning and employing of strategies to accomplish each challenge. No session is complete without the students/groups getting an opportunity to internalize the Brain S.T.E.A.M experience and reflect on how it should affect their outlook on learning, life and obstacles moving forward.

Frequently asked questions

How would you describe Brain S.T.E.A.M Time?

Think of Brain S.T.E.A.M Time as having an escape room experience brought directly to you at a fraction of the cost.

How can we get DOMATICS or Brain S.T.E.A.M into our school/organization?

First step is to use the contact form below to send us a message, basic info needed:
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Is it true that there is a tournament associated with DOMATICS program?

Yes, this is one of the things students look forward to at the end of the program, it gives them a chance to compete for trophies and showcase some of what they have learnt over the course of the program.  

You are one step closer to getting your enrichment program setup.

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The streets are talking

DOMATICS Math Club is a fun, yet creative way for students to improve their Math and thinking skills through the timeless classic game of Dominos. DOMATICS has created a competitive environment which encourages learning!

Sheryl Jones, SCPS Special Projects/Title I Site Facilitator SCPS Westside 21st CCLC
DOMATICS is a product that entertains.  It brings families together where the learning process is more rewarding.  NPTAJ endorses this dynamic learning tool and recommends all parents to obtain a set for their children.

Everton Hannan NPTAJ Past-President, National Parent Teachers Association of Jamaica
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